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DFU Bootloader

Many of our USB devices (CUL, CUN, CUR, FUL) are shipped with an DFU compliant bootloader. This will enable you to update modules firmware easily.

Loading Firmware in Linux

1. Install dfu-programmer, which is part of the install procedure in SettingUpUbuntuLinux
2. Open a terminal and change directory to the location of your .hex file.
3. Unplug our module from USB for at least 10 seconds
4. Locate the micro switch (HWB button) usually on the back of the PCB, keep it pressed while re-inserting the module into your USB socket.
5. Release the micro switch
6. Run the following two commands:

sudo dfu-programmer at90usbxxx erase
sudo dfu-programmer at90usbxxx flash --debug 1 filename.hex

7. Unplug-Wait-Plug? the USB cable again to resume normal operation.

* The above commands need to be run as root unless you have user access to USB enabled. at90usbxxx has to be replaced with the actual processor in the device.

Loading Firmware in Windows

Please follow example similar as described here

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