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CC1101 - USB - Lite module - V3

USB enabled CC1101 controller board with RP-SMA socket and l/4 antenna in transparent plastic case. Optional HF-shield not mounted.

- Older version 2 pages -


This "dongle" will enable you to interface with ISM/SRD bands air data of any kind. The module contains a modern 8-bit Atmel for raw data pre-processing before passing it to the USB 2.0 interface or the powerful Texas Instruments transceiver.

To create your own applications you may use the avr-gcc.

The device ships with a DFU-bootloader. Use dfu-programmer to program it. Alternately you may solder yourself a FPC-socket to use serial ISP programming.

By default an lambda/4 wire antenna is connected. Nevertheless: the PCB contains a SMA-antenna-pinheader, where you may solder a "real" antenna if required.

The 868MHZ-HF-design follows TIs design note DN025.

Have a look at this modules Image Gallery and watch a YouTube-video how this module gets manufactured.

More questions you might find answered in the modules FAQ


  • ATMega32U4 processor 8MHz @ 3.3V
  • CC1101 ISM transceiver tuned for 868MHz or 433MHz
  • pinheader for SMA / SMA-RP socket
  • green multi purpose led
  • multi purpose micro switch
  • USB type A male connector
  • optional ISP connector (FPC6)
  • optional HF-shield


Recommended tools/software


  • culfw - firmware for FHEM
  • How to flash this device:
If you received a new stick from us it will be "erased". In that case the bootloader will start automatically without doing anything.
Once you have culfw successfully installed, enter command "B01" to start booloader without re-plugging the stick.
    • locate the PROGRAM button at the back of the module
    • keep it pressed while plugging the USB stick in
if you have successfully started the DFU-bootloader run:
dfu-programmer atmega32u4 erase --force
dfu-programmer atmega32u4 flash CUL_V3.hex
dfu-programmer atmega32u4 reset

    • optionally you may run: make usbprogram_v3
    • Windows users read here - use this CUL.inf after flashing

3nd party firmware projects



This module is available for 49 EUR (incl.VAT) in two versions:
There is also a lighter hardware version called: "Version 4". This hardware is based on Atmel32u2 processor with limited RAM resources.


Image Gallery

transparent CUL within docking station:

Lambda/2 whip antenna
Lambda/4 micro antenna

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