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Freebus to USB module

Prototype V1.2

This module has been discontinued - see new version


This small module will give you access to Freebus. The on-board Atmel AVR will handle the native USB link to the host PC and the fieldbus protocol.
The module is optical isolated and powered by USB. It ships with a DFU-bootloader. Use dfu-programmer to upload new firmware. Alternately you may solder an 6FPC-pinheader and use serial ISP programming.

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  • signaling according to ISO/IEC 14543-3
  • Controller: Atmel AT90USB162 - 8MHz @ 3.3V
  • Isolation voltage: 4000 Vrms (BUS/USB)
  • Microswitch, green LED



This modules PCB is available in our shop

Demonstration firmware

serial terminal output of the bus monitor

~# eibd -i -t 100 tpuarts:/dev/ttyACM0
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0ADF) Open
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0ADF) Openend
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0ADF) open-reset(001): 01
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0ADF) Watchdog Status(001): 02
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0AE1) Recv L_Data? low from 1.0.26 to 8/0/0 hops: 06 T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Write? (small) 01
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0AE2) Recv L_Data? low from 1.0.26 to 7/0/1 hops: 06 T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Write? (small) 01
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0AE3) Recv L_Data? low from 1.0.26 to 7/0/1 hops: 06 T_DATA_XXX_REQ A_GroupValue_Write? (small) 00
Layer 2(080A6668,498E0AE7) Close

FUL module does not require any special driver to run under Linux or MacOS. For Windows use this FUL.inf (1.38 Kb)
How to load this/new firmware | Source code


Recommended tools/software

Signal processing (click them for higher res)

Blue: FREEBUS // Yellow: microcontroller
Blue: FREEBUS // Yellow: microcontroller

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