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Q: Will this device run with Windows?
A: Yes, it will. If you install the supplied INF-File also Windows will recognize it ie. as a Modem.
Q: Will CUL support 433MHz?
A: The current versions hardware and antenna is tuned for 868 MHz. But users have reported sufficent reception even at 433 MHz. So its worth a try.
We might offer a 433MHz-hardware-version at a later point.
Q: Is CUL working with FS20 devices?
A: CUL itself is just a hardware. From a physical/hardware prospect it obviously will work.
There are people developing a dedicated CUL-firmware to support FS20 (and other devices from ELV vendor) within the open source FHEM-project.
Q: Which antenna should I use?
A: We suggest to stick with the simple wire antenna. This should be sufficient in most of the cases.
Q: Does the module support AM or FM?
A: The CC1101 transceiver supports both modulations. Its just up to its register settings to do the one or the other. In effect: You may even change it in operation.
Q: How to update the firmware?
A: Follow the easy steps described here: DFU Bootloader
Q: It seems my bootloader is broken. What to do?
A: If the bootloader is corrupted you will have two choices:

1. Sent the device back to us for service or:
2. Use the ISP adapter with an ISP programmer and physically re-flash the bootloader with AVR Studio.

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