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Version 1 of the CC110x-USB-Light dongle

Gallery Files

ID Type Name Filename Description Created Creator Dls Actions
66 icon CUL measures CUL33.measures.pdf CUL 3.3 and its dimension Thu 21 of Jun, 2012 tostmann 7829  
44 icon CUL V3.2 CUL32.tPlace.pdf top placement Tue 31 of May, 2011 tostmann 11165  
43 icon CUL V3.2 CUL32.sch.pdf Schematics Tue 31 of May, 2011 tostmann 18398  
8 icon CUL.inf CUL.inf INF Datei for Windows Mon 02 of Feb, 2009 tostmann 17921  
6 icon Source of demo firmware Contains the source of some demo firmware application. Wed 28 of Jan, 2009 tostmann 5713  
4 icon USBSerialLink USBSerialLink.hex A simple demonstration of a 868MHz-FM datalink using the CC1101 capabilities. If you have at least two CUL, load this firmware onto them. Run terminals and start typing ... You will receive your data on all other CULs. Sun 25 of Jan, 2009 tostmann 3068  
3 icon ELFE ELFE.hex a ELV device airtraffic decoder. Supports FS20, FHT, KS200/KS300, S2xxx, HMS, EM protocols. To start reception: Press ENTER in a terminal window. Sun 25 of Jan, 2009 tostmann 3954  
2 icon CUL schematic CUL.pdf Vectorized s/w schematic V1.1 Tue 30 of Sep, 2008 tostmann 3466  
1 icon CUL schematic CUL-Schematic-V1.1.pdf Mon 25 of Aug, 2008 tostmann 2258  

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