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CUNO CC1101 USB Network Onewire 56113 List
CUNX the networked enabled CC1101 device with additional PIGATOR slot 19355 List
CUR CC1101-USB-Remote - The remote control for 868MHz radio protocols 36136 List
DCUN Dual CC1101 USB Network 26483 List
Dudette The wireless bootloader for CC1101/Atmel based gadgets 13606 List
EUL EnOcean USB light adapter see: 26077 List
EXP Raspberry EXPander/Prototyping board 42250 List
FPM Freebus - Processor - Module 25611 List
FUL Freebus to USB module 35091 List
IRH Infrared-Reading-Head for Smartmeters 19322 List
LES LowEngergy Scanner 11607 List
LHD LED Hutschienen Driver 52665 List
LORA 30336 List
LUFA Images around LUFA test boards 15307 List
LUX 18bit brighness sensor with CC1101 radio and USB 38374 List
M5STACK modules 4589 List
microSD adapter for Raspberry Pi special version so it fits completely into our RPi cases 33416 List
NMC networked module carrier 31765 List
PIGATOR general 12909 List
PIG_ETH Pigator Ethernet 15115 List
PIG_OW Pigator Onewire 21354 List
PIG_STACKER pile up Pigator modules 16885 List
PMF "Pimp My Funksteckdose" 36513 List
POD Pigator Onewire DIN-rail 21450 List
RADINO the Arduino base with RF frontend included 20148 List

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Gallery: PIGATOR
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