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ROT RTC, Onewire & TPUART extension for Raspberry Pi 32506 List
BUI Busware USB Interface 30806 List
microSD adapter for Raspberry Pi special version so it fits completely into our RPi cases 30530 List
CPM-BS hot shots of the CPM-based brightness sensor 28916 List
NMC networked module carrier 28868 List
SD0 S0 / D0 - smart meter extension for Raspberry Pi 28573 List
CCD CC1101-Clock-Display extension for Raspberry Pi 28570 List
LORA 27485 List
RF212USB AT86RF212 based USB Stick 26968 List
ARD Arduino related stuff 26226 List
DCUN Dual CC1101 USB Network 24885 List
bitbridge 24475 List
EUL EnOcean USB light adapter see: 24230 List
FPM Freebus - Processor - Module 24050 List
CSB ceiling sensor board 23953 List
CHS CC1101 based Hand Sender 23440 List
CMM C1101-Multilink-Module 23210 List
Banana Pi 20697 List
TRR TPUART / RTC / Rail 20597 List
SOM Pi System on Module 19856 List
POD Pigator Onewire DIN-rail 19596 List
PIG_OW Pigator Onewire 19592 List
CULM CUL driven by Cortex-M3 cpu 18937 List
Stellaris things around Luminarys Cortex M3 18333 List
CAD Clock-Audio-Display extension for Raspberry Pi 18257 List

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local temperature
SD0 V1.0
Gallery: SD0
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